Top Of The Most Special Technology For Heating The Ground Pool

In some regions, especially in the Asia, the climate is divided into two seasons with the huge temperature difference, so the pool is mined primarily in the remaining 06 months of the heating season; the 06-month cold season is not used. This causes huge waste during mining and construction investment to the pool investor. If you want to find the solution for this matter, please visit here in order to choose the best above ground pool heater.

The Importance Of The Pool Heater

To overcome this drawback, there have been some manufacturer which specializes in providing the water heating equipment for swimming pools with many different technological lines, investment funds and mining operation is also different, so the problem of economy is a matter of concern. As long as your ground pool system has quite a large scale, and it is the first model intended to use to cater for swimming in winter, it is sure that heating so as to exploit and enhance the efficiency of public catering process is very reasonable.

The Different Heating Technology For The Ground Pool

Through the process of understanding and exposure to some of the technology being used today, we are pleased to analysis summarizes some key points to compare plans, as well as choose the most effective and most optimal method for your pool.

Method Of Making Heat By The Electric Energy Use


  • Installed based on the synchronization along with the water purification systems, so this method is extremely simple in construction process.
  • Compact and lightweight for easy operation and maintenance
  • No need the room area for locating the equipment
  • No need for a license for the system operation.
  • The safety is high when operating.


  • Maintain pool water temperature at 280C which is estimated to consume about 30% of power when compared to the initial warming.
  • Power consumption and large systems for the design of the electrical system is quite complex.
  • When using this system, it is essential for the users to invest together with the air conditioning system (Warm air inside a room pool) with a large capacity of about 400,000 BTU.

Method Of Making Heat By Using Gas Energy


  • Relatively easy operation.
  • Maintain pool water temperature after heating increase so this method also consumes less energy.
  • No need for a license for the system operation.
  • Reliability of the system is relatively high.
  • The initial cost for operation is relatively cheap


  • Maintain pool water temperature at 280C consumes about 30% less energy than the original.
  • Relatively large energy consumption costly during the process of extraction. The productivity of the system is 85%.
  • Safety measures for the system should have a safety valve.
  • Installation process is very precise based on the high technical requirements.

Method Of Making Hot Coal Energy Use


  • Good water heating speed, high efficiency by applying the principle of boilers, heat exchangers between water and vapor (to raise the water temperature from 16OC pool – just 28oC operating system within 12-24 now with volume 550M3).

The operation is relatively easy

  • Maintain pool water temperature after heating also consumes less energy.
  • The equipment of the system is easy to replace, simple.
  • Value for the initial investment is not much
  • There is no need for the users to install the air-conditioning system in the room due to the fact that this method can make full use of the heat in order to put into the air.


  • The environmental pollution is very serious, so the licensing for the system operation is very hard (if the ground pool is located in the densely populated areas).
  • For the coal storage areas, as well as the room for the boiler so it takes much complex area due to the bulky size of the system.

Hopefully, the typical technology models above about the heating system for the ground pool will contribute to assist all of you have the different selection for ground pool construction. The heating selection is up to the preference as well as the financial conditions of the investors, so it is vital for all of you guys to carefully consider all this advice above for choosing the most appropriate models.