Experience On Purchasing The Best Water Filter

There is no doubt that the water filer is one of the most common appliances in each family. But, they may get confused when choosing this device. On the current market, there are many types of water filters with various designs, styles and qualities, making it difficult for consumers to choose. Here are given the best water filter system basing on some criteria when buying water filters for families that you should keep in mind.

Water Resources Use

For tap water, which are often the target of total dissolved solids in the water less than 250 parts per million, it can use any type of water filter, including RO and Nano. With water sources, just use the filter with 5 cores is enough, do not need to install additional cores for other functions. With other water sources, you should choose depending on the RO and water which will be fitted the core functionality.

Determine The Purpose And Place Assembly Equipment

The same water, but depending on the purpose of use or quality of treated water, it will be required the respective device. Water treatment for public will be different from the standard treatment of purified water. To save, the users often only install water purification equipment, which is located in the kitchen, cooking at hydrants. Less individual has been filtered pure water from the watershed, except the case that having road design for the purpose of water use.

Productivity Of Use

If only used for family or work less than 10 people, you should use water filter with the capacity of 10 liters / hour. If used for the agency with the number of 20 people, then use hot and cold water purifiers. If used for the agency to 100 the number of people, it should be using the large capacity water purifier 30liters / hour or 50liters/ hour.

Waste Water During The Filtration

One detail that buyers choose the water purifier for the first time and the seller does not know well, or “forget” is the amount of waste water in the refining process. If the the amount of water discharged is little, water filter has been considered effective operations.

Typically, the amount of waste water accounts for 25% -30% of water resources, which are put into filtering. However, many users reflect, their wastewater rates up to 40/60, even to 60/40. Beside, when choosing to buy water filters, the consumers should inquire about the origin of products.

Selection Brands, Quality

Unfortunately in many countries, there is no company which can produce complete water filter equipment, the majority is imported materials or components imported for assembly. When choosing products, the consumers should inquire about the origin of imports. Reputable manufacturers have a clear website. There are many products named in a foreign language but can not find it on the internet brands.

Quality Of Machine

To check the quality of water filter  lines, not everyone is an expert, but they can easily be distinguished by the naked eye, according to the signs of not visible welds on cylinders made of stainless steel filter.

In addition, good products often use of quick couplings, just plug in, no glue, no lube. At the same time, civil shell filter cup do not use recycled plastic, do not use bold color that uses natural white, avoid high levels of lead and other heavy metals.

Quality Certificates

Check the global certification brands such as Glold Seal of Water Quality Association WQA (USA), Organization of the National Sanitation NSF (USA) for RO or UV systems for a variety of local distributors as simply they may import components from China for assembly. These two organizations are the independent third party to make the certification of drinking water purification systems with RO quality standards. A system that meets or exceeds NSF Standard 58 standards WQA Gold Seal certification or the product is tested and guaranteed supply of high quality drinking water.

One thing worth mentioning is that you should take care of automatic valves (called valve ASO). This valve prevents water filtering process when the reservoir has reached its capacity, and reduce the amount of water flowing to the filter source.