Choosing The DIY For The Best Performance

When finding out the tool to cut exact curves of wood, in almost case, there would be the best to choose the band saw. With the quality standard band saw, it can help you deal with a lot of things than just only cut the curves. They are overall perfect for some smaller rabbets and cutting tenons, for re-sawing thin strips of the wide piece of wood or ripping tiny piece of stock. To get more information all about benchtop, you can refer this article about the DIY definition. Do not neglect the information because each part will be useful for different decision related to the band saw machine.

General Information About The Band Saw

Normally, a band saw is measured the size by the wheels’ diameter. The width of throat can be recognized approximately less than 1 inch, and determines the largest board being able to be passed between the column and blade. The capacity to re-sawing machine is the highest height (thickness) that will be cut.

For the small or medium shop of furniture maker, it is recommended to choose 14’’ band saw, it would be better for 16’’, between 18’’ and 20’’ can take much responsible in larger working. For the versatility, the minimum height for a re-sawing machine is about 12’’.

In terms of frame design, the good choice is between the welded steel and cast iron. With years, the classic machine with 14’’ stand-mounted with a frame made of cast iron and 5’’ height will be the most common machine in the medium stores. Despite the fact that the height can be normally expanded to 12’’ along with an increased block, this kind of machine has a motor ranged at 1 horsepower or 1.5hp.

Become more commonly, the users may likely choose the frame of heavy welded steel sheet. Thanks to its elegant rectangular frame, it can be easily recognizable. One of the great things about this larger machine is that they can take a little or no space of floor compared to the cast iron. The mobility set is always available for whatever band saw, therefore, you can move this machine as expected to accommodate longer for the piece of work. But, the real limit is the shop’s height as well as the machine’s weight.

Some Feature Worth Mentioning


A quality standard frame made of steel will have the heavy cast iron wheels. When in the operation, it can make a powerful effect of flywheel, contributing to a steady and strong cutting. A blade of band saw can be tracked on the rubber of the rims of the wheel. On the most steel frame of the machine, the tires are nearly flat or flat, which supports tracking 1’’ or more than the width and very useful for the heavier re-sawing.


The visible back to the wheel, which is near the top frame, is called the thick spring adjusted to keep the right position of the blade. Although the users are unable to assess directly its quality, a well-made spring inclusion can be considered as one of the subtle and essential to make an investment in the great band saw.


The following pivotal component of the band saw is the guidepost. It consists of the upper blade guard and blade assembly. It can be changeable through a pinion and rack to accommodate the wood’s thickness that you are going to cut. The proper setting of the guidepost in accordance with the blade must be kept by the post assembly via of the height range.

Blade Guide

The blade guide contains a wide topic but the author just gives the brief overview. The blade of band saw is big beast (13 feet or more in length) and they move very quickly and we can absolutely expect them to cut exactly. When the blade engages the wood, it may want to distort, drift, if not, it will become errant.

One thing worth mentioning is the bearing back to the blade, which can be also known as the thrust beating, limits the backward displacement of the blade during the process of cutting. The most popular type is the roller bearing that will meet the flat face with the blade. It is quite visible for the users to use.