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Selection The Best Famous Brand For Wine Cooler In Your Family

Wine is a drink quite “hard” in the way of storage. Temperature is a very important factor affecting the taste and quality of wine. To store wine properly you need standard equipment, ensuring the noise level, temperature, and stability standards. 

When choosing a good wine storage cabinets, you should note the following factors. The temperature and stability standards and then choose the best wine cooler reviews for 2016 to put in your family

Background standard temperature for storing wine as follows:

– Red wine 15-18 degrees C

– White wine 7-10 degrees C

– Sparkling wine 5-7 ° C

In addition, the storage temperature of the wine should have a stable, minimizing the change in temperature. To ensure the standards of temperature, you need to select storage cabinets with adjustable temperature and stream your wine store and have maximum insulation to the external environment.

Currently, the market most of the cabinet storage firms can adjust the temperature, but the maximum insulation shall not have any cabinets also. With this factor, you should choose the cabinet doors and the door closed completely with 2 layers or more is the standard cabinet temperature factors.

The Wine Cooler With 3 Layers

There should be as many layers. The difference in the taste of each wine line is also due to different storage temperatures, which helps ensure the best fit for each cold wine line.

Depending on the amount of alcohol in the house, you can choose the cabinet 2 to 7 floors floor. Large cabinet with 158 liter capacity can hold 52 bottles of wine.

Posture Of Wine Cooler

As a rule, the unopened bottle of wine should be so inclined to ensure the cork does not dry out and are sealed button. Therefore, you should select the type of wine storage cabinets have put bottles horizontal direction, to ensure this criteria. This is also the reason that you should not preserve the wine in the fridge.

Low Vibration

Another factor is directly related to the quality of wine is vibration. So you need to preserve the wine in the cabinet vibration <43 dB. You make sure that the wine is not disturbed, if only due to vibration of the engine operation. There are so, while enjoying new friends are enjoying their flavor intact.

Maintain Humidity Standards

Usually the best wine store in an environment with humidity of about 70%. If the humidity is higher or lower, approximately 10% compared to the benchmark, which is acceptable, but not higher or lower. If the humidity is too high alcohol storage, they can affect the quality of wine.

Wine Cooler Requirements To Maintain Humidity Around 70%

For example, when the humidity up to 80%, the label will rot or mold, thereby, diminish the value of the bottle. Conversely, if the air is too dry storage place, less than 50% of the wine cork back in danger of drying out. The result is a cork to shrink, the process of oxidation occurs faster and winemakers damaged.

Wine is a beverage quite “lemon” and not easily maintained, if not careful might spoil the wine. So before the family bought a bottle of expensive wine, learn how to choose proper wine cooler selecting appropriate wines.

Wine is not simply a user of drinks at parties. A drink can help people become more relaxed, less tense between the busy modern lives. So now more and more families to invest in wine, wine display and especially precious wine as an indispensable part of life.

To select the type of wine storage cabinets fit you can perform the following steps:

Identify The Location Of The Wine Cooler

Wine cabinets have become popular items in many homes. Depending on your interests and area of the house, that has the location of various liquor cabinets. Can be in the living room, dining room, kitchen…. For a small area, the liquor cabinet can skillfully decorate walls between living space and kitchen.

Dislocation Wine Cooler Can Affect Health

The cabinet liquor cabinet should be high and long aqua paint symbolizing harmony. Do not place the front of the liquor cabinet opposite the kitchen. In addition, the color of the wine cabinet must harmonize with the overall color of the house.

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