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Vacuum cleaner. Close up of the head of a modern hoover being used while vacuuming a woollen furry carpet.

How To Purchase And Use The Vacuum Cleaner Effectively

Many families choose carpet stairs in their house but the stairs are area, which is easy to accumulate of sand, dirt, pet fur or food spillage affecting the aesthetics and space of your house. With an area of narrow, the stair carpet cleaning is extremely difficult and quite complex, which requires to take time and effort. Learn to clean your carpet stairs families with the best shark vacuum is essential if you want to keep your carpet clean stairs and durable over time.

Need To Buy A Vacuum Cleaner

Like the other family carpets, carpet on your stairs needs regular vacuuming. The vacuum cleaner will remove dust, dirt, pet hair, moisture, water poured on the carpet to keep your carpet clean and durable. However, a standard vacuum cleaner really is not designed for the stairs. If you use this machine, it can be heavy and too large for the small stairs and hard to use properly.

So, to vacuuming the carpet stairs, you should choose a vacuum cleaner with a long nozzle or select machines are lightweight (between 3kg – 4kg) for easy bag up – down while vacuuming. If you do not know the exact model, you choose can consult Hitachi CV-BM16 vacuum cleaner, Hitachi CV-W1800, Hitachi CV-SH18, Panasonic MC-CG240  and a lot of families vacuum cleaner forms. The vacuum cleaner samples will be added various accessories included the from. When vacuuming stairs, always remember to start vacuuming from the level of top to down

Use The Brush And Suction Attached

A vacuum cleaner with useful accessories is an essential for you to suck dirt on the surface and deeper cleaning carpets in every fiber. For the best results, you should replace appropriate accessories such as nozzle, brush rotation. Doing so, the stubborn dirt in the carpet yarn will be knocked out before sucked into the machine.

Use Carpet Cleaning Function

To ensure the carpet always in a fresh state, the carpet clean every day is not enough because the carpet vacuuming only works for sucking dry and light stains on the surface of the carpet and absolutely cannot eliminate the parasitic fungal bacteria. It’s simple and effective if used more chemical use disinfectants when making carpet hygiene.

With unsurpassed feature, the carpet cleaning chemicals not only kill bacteria quickly or clean stains, but also completely eliminate bacteria on the surface of parasitic fungus mats, which help protect the best health for you and your family.

As can be seen, using the vacuum cleaner correctly will bring the effectiveness. However, incorrect posture when vacuuming will lead to the back pain and aching joints. Therefore, when using the vacuum cleaner, you should note the following points:

Correct posture

It’s hard to say the right position to meet the standard when using the vacuum cleaner because there are so many types of machines with different designs and heights, which are different handles. At the same time, you are not only vacuuming on the floor but also making the hygiene on other items, on the wall, or ceiling curtains with generally changing altitude. So, when vacuuming, the correct posture is: straight back, not bent a little too much and drop to little front legs. When vacuuming, the nozzle should be taken slowly and gently to the front.

Do Not Vacuum Too Long

The Time to use the vacuum cleaner too long is one of the causes of back pain. So when using the family vacuuming or cleaning warehouses and office, you take yourself a little time to rest. 20-25 minute break will help the muscle to loosen and avoid back pain for you.

Limit Buy The Vacuum Cleaner, Which Is Too Heavy

This is also one of the reasons why you are having difficulty, and prone to back pain when using the machine. So, when buying a vacuum cleaner, you should choose a machine with a bit lightweight scroll wheel and easy to carry when moving calves.

Also, if you have multiple floors, the vacuum cleaner should have the handle, which is easy to use with durable design in handle to move the product to many different locations in the home or portable stairs when necessary.