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Some Notes When Choosing Remote Control For Car

Recently this system of car I crashed, there was a time for outdoor vehicle, when the vehicle is taken heavy rain, run out to the car did not understand how clumsy hands poked some new key play on the drive. Slip into the car, the wet almost half, picking up steam from blurring out the windshield, to enable continuous drying glasses.

System remote control door lock is a system, which sends signals from the best remote car starter, is attached with the key to lock / unlock the car door. When we use remote control, but some factors that affect for the car we should avoid.

The combination control door lock motors based on the received signal. In addition to this function relay combination lock also functions automatic repeat function, feedback functions and other functions.

The functions of the control system remotely lock doors vary according to type of vehicle, interior and market level.

Pay attention to remote control

Nowadays, with the development of technology, there are many items, which serve of our life, special for car. One of that is remote control. The remote control for car help our remote our car despite we are far. On the other hand, sometimes if we are not careful, we can have some incident that happen unfortunately.

Therefore, we want to share you about some accidents with remote control can happen in life.

So many people think a convenient product easily. We just sit in far away and remote our car. So many circumstances were stolen from user do not know. Remote control automatically and open another time we do not pay attention.

The convenience of remote control

Currently, the line of cars from budget to luxury, all using the remote control key. Before leaving the car, users simply press the lock button on the remote, the car will automatically shut down. And conversely, want to open the car, simply press the unlock button. But the convenience, simplicity was also caused much trouble that many users do not expect them to. The experienced driver, said the main reason the remote was the theft of car items.

Not remote of this car can unlock another vehicle, but when two vehicles parked side by side, and use the control keys in opposite directions (lock and unlock) the effect of locking the car will lose. That is, when you use the remote control to lock the car door lock and simultaneously that another person also using the remote control key press and hold the button to open your car door will not lock.

Some famous brand use remote control

As usual, lines of cars of Toyota, Ford as Innova, Fortuner, Altis, Vios, Everest, Escape … all use fixed coded lock. This type of lock to use radio waves to transfer a fixed code to the receiver located in the vehicle. When the hold, lock will broadcast continuously interfere with other courses, which refuse collector bias by code.

Therefore, the car cannot be subject to interference closed, turn signal does not light and buzzer does not sound. Even when using the remote lock where strong radio broadcast will also occur this situation. This phenomenon does not only occur when two vehicles parked next to each other, but when they separated to several tens of meters. Toyota said, some of the brand’s cars use locking broadcast AM also encountered this situation. When pressing two keys at the same time, the two different frequency radio waves will emit.

Therefore, that in the manual, Toyota brand mentioned interference problem. The company stated remote lock could be affected when the remote is operating another nearby car parked near a strong source of radio or personal computer.

Safe when using remote control

According to technical experts, this has created an opportunity for the “burglar” out of hand. If we do not pay attention them time that our car do not lock, there will many bad effect with our car.

Last time, there are many items on the theft auto for this cause. Advice of experienced to complete light blocking door and siren.

With the development of technology, we are convenient when using car with many products that serve for car. Nevertheless, we also should pay attention to this product. We will meet some bad situations if we do not care.





Some Things You Need To Know When Consider The Living Room

There also exists some intolerance while decorating the living rooms that homeowners need to know to avoid committing because it would break the loss of space and warm atmosphere of the room. This article will list some notes that individuals must stay away.

The Sharp Objects

This is considered the taboos when decorating the living room, because it demonstrates the danger and violence of the home. Accordingly, do not hang on the wall or decorative objects with sharp ends such as swords, knives, horned animals.

With the living room of this mistake, the owner and the whole members in the family are more likely to dissent and be arising out of acts of violence.

Therefore, in their homes, it should not be decorated or hung on the wall with sharp objects such as swords, knives, horned animals. Also, when choosing living room furniture, the users should also note that even if a lamp is not an exception.

The Violent Picture

The painting scenes of violence such as killing, fighting or pictures of wild animals such as lions, tigers, leopards, the total is also a taboo when decorating your  rooms because it expresses the authority, violence and losing the power and warm atmosphere of the room.

Ideally, in the living room, the users can choose the most meaningful picture of full-fed life natural beauty and greenery or birds.

The Living Room Should Not Be Dark

The most important point in the living room decoration is enough light to create the atmosphere and the environment of well psychological and physiological, people will load prosperous healthy nails.

So, for the apartment on the balcony, people should not put too much flowerpot scene, avoid blocking the light. Also note, the living room wall should be also chosen a bright color. Guestrooms with much light can make the human spirit in comfort, prosperity.

There Should Be No Bar To Run Through And Too Many Angles

If ceilings have the bar, it will feel suppressed, separated members in the family. The solution for the home is to use dual ceiling or use flattening plaster ceiling to both decorate and reach the criteria of feng shui.

The living room of non-square, not spontaneity will not be beneficial to the development. It should be remedied by decorative measures, including using the lights to reduce the feeling above.

The Living Room Floor Should Not Be Undulating

The floor of living room should be flat, not have too many stairs or undulating. There are several rooms designed to use low-floor section, according to feng shui, this layout makes the homeowners face many troubles. Also, it needs to restrict the use of 3D design floor tiles as it will create the unsafe feeling.

The Ceiling Is Too Low

The low ceiling of the living room will create a pressure, according to feng shui concepts, people in that room would not relaxed and not having much luck. So, when designing the ceiling of the living room, the users should abandon the cumbersome decoration to make low ceilings, creating the living room feeling as high as possible.

Arbitrary Decoration

Arbitrary is a taboo when decorating rooms, which should be avoided. A living room with too much furniture, too many pictures will make living room space be broken. Similarly, useless items will reduce the aesthetic value of the living space of a house. Therefore, they should have a clear idea before planning to decorate the living room, do not turn the living room into a closet or warehouse.