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Things You Need To Know For The Best Router Table Use

For the customers who are responsible for woodworking, it is a must to have a good router table. This table will give a flat, safe surface together with a holder for a router saw to make custom wood pieces in different shapes. Currently on the market, there have a variety of brand of router tables, some stands at top producers when it comes to portability and durability. Learning about router table reviews will help you to choose the suitable table for your woodworking needs. Router tables are always available from different hardware shops, mass retail stores to online purchase. For the best decision, the consumers can look at this article for wide choices of router tables as well as its accessories.

Bosch RA1181

This is a bench top router table with the MDF face plates, which can be adjustable. It consists of an aluminum router mounting plate, which will give the consumer the advantage on maintaining the flat wood for accurate cutting. A portable storage pocket can hold the cord and router accessories. This router table has 27-inch long, 18-inch deep, and 14-inch high, along with 15V amperage. The length of the cord is 6-foot ample from the table’s base. The Bosch RA1181 works with a plethora of carbide tips and bits, as well as fixed router bases.

Kreg PRS1040

The Kreg PRS1040 goes with the flexibility of steel stand, an exact insert plate, level-loc decreasing rings, and a rugged tabletop. A router table also has an attached fence, which can move the miter slot alongside when using. With 85-Ibs weight, this router table is about 41-inch long, 24-inch deep, and 32-inch wide.

Bench Dog 40-001

The Bench Dog 40-001 has accolades from the professionals thanks to the quality design as well as ability to suit a lot of router brands. These brands consist of Bosch, Dewalt, Craftsman, Ryobi, and Milwaukee. This kind of router table goes a miter accessory track made of aluminum, a 24-by-16 inches non-marring laminate top, and an attached birch plywood cabinet to minimize noise and collect dust. The dimensions of Bench Dog 40-001 are 22-inche long, 24-inch wide, and with a general weight of 44Ibs.

Porter Cable 698

The Porter cable 698 router table has a feature of aluminum top machine with a measurement of 20-inch long, 17-inche wide. Also, it consists of numerous starts in the locations of pin and a fast adjustable fence. The collection hood of dust can gather spare saw dust, while the cast-in lip can support for additional extensions. 0.75-inch miter gauge slot will give the help for the wood when the router cuts. The whole weight of this kind of router table is about 36.5Ibs.


Thanks to the features of lightweight and versatility, this SKIL RA900 router table is about 35Ibs weight, and very portable. In addition, this router table features a folding design with a fast clamp router attached on release. A storage box accessory will allow the users to maintain the extra tools and bits under the table. The SKIL RA900 also measures 26-inch long, 18-inch deep, and 14-inch high.  The tabletop is measured with 29-inch long.

Wolfcraft Router Table

The wolfcraft router table has 14 inches wide, 24 inches long, along with a MDF surface for cutting the wood. Featuring a global adapter plate, this router table is able to take advantage of a large selection of the tools of router. It goes with a dual electric outlet with the safe switch and 14 inches standard steel legs. A ¼-inch dust port built-in can capture the whole debris and sawdust.

Kreg PRS 2100 Precision Benchtop Table

This Kreg PRS 2100 Precision Benchtop Table comes with the high-pressure MDF laminate to cover on the top of the table. It is about 16-inch long, 1 inch thick, and 24-inch wide. Besides, it includes a stand made of steel with 16-inch legs and the low brace for additional shelf. This router table also features a wrench, a level-loc ring, and a brass starting pin. The dust tray and bit guard will prevent the wood chip and sawdust from flying towards the individuals.

Joey E. Kendricks is a profession person in home appliances. He shares that if the users want to use it for a long-time, they must preserve and make hygiene for this machine. After each use, try to pull all dust to keep the product always in high performance. In addition, brand with reputation is also one of the most factors determining the quality of the product. Therefore, learn thoroughly about the producer before making a purchase.