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How To Keep Safety When Using A Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutting is one small field in the industry of metal outsourcing. You know plasma cutting is very dangerous so everyone using this machine should keep safety all the time. With the best plasma cutter it will have some outstanding features to insure the safety. However, it depends mainly on the way you use it.

Thus, in this article, I want to show you some main tips and tricks to keep safety for yourselves when it comes to operating a plasma cutter.

What You Have To Learn?

In general, to keep safety for using any kind of machine, especially in the fields of dangerous industry, you will have to learn a lot. First, you have to understand all the parts of the machine and then understand the operation. You can assemble and reassemble it to get more details about the machine operation.

For the plasma cutter, you should figure out all the hazards that can happen when you are operating this machine. Cutting arc material is hazardous and there have been a number of accidents caused by users’ carelessness. Therefore, you should know all the potential perils in order to point out the ways to avoid them.

More specific, you have to know how dangerous plasma cutting is and how you can have accidents. You only need to keep safety by avoid doing things which can lead to accidents.

Some Safety Precautions

Reading the user manual of the plasma cutter is very useful for you. You will apprehend the way to keep safety. You can also know all the safety precautions in this file.

Prevent Fire

  • Make sure that your jobsite is safe and clean for plasma cutting
  • Remove all the things that can cause fire such as cigarette and lighter
  • Do not put gas stove or gas tank in the plasma cutting jobsite
  • Avoid cutting materials that are different from the allowed ones
  • Plasma cutting requires exhaust ventilation

Prevent explosion

Using a plasma cutter can cause lots of accidents related to explosion. As operating this machine, it is related to electric power and gas source which are the factors leading to explosion very easily. Therefore, you should keep in mind the following notes to avoid explosion.

  • Stop using the plasma cutter in case you recognize potential explosive dust and vapors
  • Avoid pointing the cutting gas rays at the cylinders, containers or anything else, except from the arc material
  • Avoid cutting some flammable materials

Figure Out Some Causes To Explosion

If you want to prevent explosion, you had better analyze the cause to it. There are several causes that you should figure out. Here are some details for you to consider.

Argon – Hydrogen And Methane

These are the two flammable materials which will result in explosion risk. With these two kinds of gas, you need to keep them away from the cylinders and the tanks which store methane.

Hydrogen Detonation And Aluminum

The plasma cutter can be used for cutting aluminum and when it is cut underwater, the amount of hydrogen that goes free can be gathered and it will detonate while the plasma cutter is being operated.

Dangers With Electric Power

As said above, the plasma cutter requires electric power. Therefore, you will have to keep safety from the electric source. You know that, electric shock can cause severe accidents. It can kill the users if the accident is too serious.

Thus, when you operate the plasma cutter, you had better have preventions for the water and anything that can cause electricity leak. You should ensure the safety for the circuit so how can you prevent electric shock? There are some following notes for you.

  • Always protect yourselves by wearing insulated gear, including jackets, plants, gloves, boots and helmets
  • Remember to have your operation insulated from the ground
  • Have a full check before starting working with the plasma cutter
  • Put aside all the utensils and equipment which are not for cutting plasma

Bottom Line

These are what you have to know when you want to be safe for the plasma cutter operation. I hope that the tips and tricks above will be useful for you. If you have any difficulty in using a plasma cutter.