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How To Make The Maintenance And Hygiene For The Paint Spray Equipment

In order for the paint spray or equipment related to the paint works with the safety and efficiency, the users need to take the regular maintenance of equipment and accessories included. Here are some paint sprayer reviews for the maintenance as well as tips for using and cleaning this equipment that the author would like to introduce to you.

Hygiene For Paint Spray Equipment

– Always keep a clean paint sprayer, not let the paint stick on the body of the paint sprayer, and you must wipe it with solvent after each shift. If the body part is dirty, it  itself can lead to phenomena in the increase in continuously alarm sounding of the control cabinet due to the high amperage.

– Cleaning the sprayer by solvent combined with soft brushes and soft cloth, do not soak the sprayer in solvent or water because if water penetrates into the solvent, it will damage some rubber rings. While taking the sprayer sanitation or hanging sprayers on shelf, you should aim the sprayer down to avoid infiltration of paint and solvents into reverse.

Note: While using or cleaning spray equipment, you must be cautious, avoid the falls or bumps causing sprayer shell rupture or breakage conductivity. Besides, always remember to turn off the gas and electricity in the process of sanitary equipment.

Maintenance For The Paint Sprayer

After use, all parts of the sprayer should be removed and cleaned with a soft brush and solvent, cleaning can do if these items are dirty or stagnant.

Note: When removing the parts of the paint sprayer, you should not tighten too aggressively because that may have broken or damaged parts of plastic lace.

Preservation Wire And Electric Cable

– Avoid steam wires and cables of paint sprayer to exposure solvents

– The fixed point wired, painting wire and electric cable must be required in accordance with the distance indication of the documentation to ensure the neat and soft wire.

– Always clean the air wire, painting wire and electric cable.

How To Using The Paint Sprayer

There is no doubt that use spray paint properly is not only effective but also keeps paint sprayer products more durable, more efficient economy.  Before operation, please check back a full turn on the system to cool the equipment, and gas is up to the first level UNGS in accordance with technical requirements.

– Turn on the power on the control equipment

– Start spraying in accordance with the spray techniques (keep the distance from the top of sprayers to the painted plants about 150-200mm, the hand will create a right-angle section with the painted area, do the interrupt trigger spray at every turn, do not pull the trigger continuously)

– While spraying,  if hearing alarm bells emanating from the control cabinet, it means that the distance between the top sprayer and painted object is too close, which increases the amperage to 75mA, at this time, the paint sprayer device is automatically turned off the power . When encountering this phenomenon, the spray paint worker must stop squeezing the trigger and adjust the distance from the sprayer to the appropriate object and then continue spraying normally.

– At the end of the work shift, taking out the following sequence:

+ Disconnect the power and gas on the control cabinet.

+ Squeeze the trigger for air and paint from the sprayer and the end of the wire.

+ Put the pump nozzle into the container grade paint solvent, pull the trigger to run the circulating solvent to clean off the paint in the wire and sprayers.

+ Remove the fat injection, clean with a soft brush and solvent.

One thing you need to consider is that you need to measure the viscosity of the solvent to select appropriate sprayer.

–  If the solvent viscosity is measured during around 15 seconds: We should use the paint sprayẻ, which has low viscosity, vents from (0.8 -1.5 mm).

–  If the solvent viscosity is measured during around 25 seconds: We should use the paint sprayer with enough adhesion level, vents from (1.3 -2.0 mm).

–  If the solvent viscosity is measured during 25-30 seconds: We should use the paint spray paint with high adhesion, vents from (2.0 -2.5 mm).