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Induction cooktop is a type of induction on the basis of magnetic theory, generating Fuco electricity in metal (iron). A conductive coil is placed under a sheet of insulating materials (usually glass). The electricity current going through the coil creates a magnetic field on the surface of the stove. This current is called the induced current. The metal bottom of the pot that is infected with magnetic will generate eddy currents and heat up then cook the food.

The induction cooktop directly creates heat on the bottom of its own so it will be more efficient then infrared and electric stove.

How to use

If you have chosen one suitable for yourself, you should also pay attention to the installation to insure safety when using.

– Do not place the cooktop in a high temperature environment such as next to the gas stove.

– Use a stable power source and test the connection when operating the induction cooktop.

– To be airy, you should not put the cooktop on paper or cloth.

– During the cooking process, remember to put the cooktop in right place then turn on the power and adjust the capacity to be suitable.

– You should turn off the cooktop by pressing the Off button. Do not disconnect as soon as you finish cooking because the fan reducing heat is still working.

– Do not abuse chemicals to clean the induction cooktop but just clean the cooktop with a wet cloth when the temperature is reduced.

Apart from selecting high – end induction cooktops, using and storing the cooktop is very important to the durability of the cooktop.

It is necessary to pay attention to the power source, including the power core and the socket because the induction cooktop has high capacity (200 – 200 V). So it requires stable source.

Because the fan is mounted under the cooktop, when using, you should not put paper or cloth below because it will obscure the air flow of the bottom.

Stove emits continuous magnetic field, so when using, you should not place magnetic objects near the cooktop such as knives, forks, spoons or electronic devices such as mobile phones, cameras, television, recorder sound or laptop.

Although today the induction cooktops have not replaced gas stoves yet, this is a trend of our society in the near future – a society of modern and safety.

Operate the induction cooktop with convenient button without heating the air, without generating fire. If the pots are iron then you can cook the food. The induction cooktops are used both inside the room and outside and this still has high performance.

You should come to original retailer (authorized agents or electronic stores) to check and ask for all the characteristics of the cooktop before buying it.

When using, you should place the induction cooktop far from the humidity or heat, by at least 15cm.

Although induction cooktop is very convenient and modern, families should keep traditional stoves and some other cookware. Because induction cooktop has electric and magnetic system, there may be some unexpected cases that you need to take the cooktop to the stores to repair it. To avoid these cases, coming to the internet and search for induction cooktop reviews so that you will be able to consult in some people who have used this type of cooktop.

Advantages of induction cooktop


– Less risk than gas stoves and electric stoves.

Quick cooking: this is the fastest type of cooktop on the market today.

– High performance of cooking: the induction cooktop has high performance, about 90 percent while gas stoves only 40 percent so you can minimize the amount of fuel.

– The cost of using low: the induction cooktop can cook very quickly, not waste fuel because the used fuel does not release much.

– Safety for users: this cooktop is safe. The induction cooktop uses electricity to cook so there will be no fire or burn.

– Easy for hygiene and cleaning.

– The surface of the stove is hot only when cooking. It only becomes hot around where the pot is put on; the rest space is still cool and safe.

  1. Disadvantages of induction cooktop

– It will become more difficult in choosing cookware on the grounds that not all normal pot can be suitable for cooking on this cooktop. The induction cooktop only matches the pots that are made of magnetic metal. Thus, when using the cooktop, you cannot use the pots made of aluminum or glass.

– The price of an induction cooktop is high. Compared with other stoves, the induction cooktop is the most expensive in the market.

– Heavy cookware. Now many manufacturers that produce appliances have produced cooking pot, including electric cookers, induction cooker, gas stove or wood stove. This type of pot usually has 3layers in the bottom, including magnetic metal layers.

– The induction cooktop cannot be used when the light goes out.

– The cost of repairing is replacing components is expensive.

  1. Check carefully the induction cooktop before buying

If you have decided to buy an induction cooktop, please consider carefully the one you want to buy. With the naked eye and feel, can avoid shoddy goods as follows:

– Ink on cooktop. Types of original cooktop usually use high – quality ink. In the surface of the cooktop, you will see the word “Induction” (it is very clear and always the inductive word). You should scratch the word, if nothing happens then it is the original product.

– The surface of the induction cooktop. The advanced cooktop uses top – line glass that can bear force, temperature like glass. So the surface of the cooktop is bright and polished. You totally can use your nail or a key to scratch the surface to check whether it can be scratched. The glass surface is quite thick (about 8mm). If the surface of the cooktop is thin, it is a fake one.

– Test the induction cooktop. You should ask the seller for trying cooking with some water. Types of induction cooktop nowadays often use touching system. By cooking, you will know how inductive the cooktop is.