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The simple way to clean the indoor air

People spend 60 percent of their time being in the indoors, so indoor air must always be fresh and clean in order to not affect the health. Here are some simple ways you can clean the air in your home. And I hope we can figure out the best air purifier for smoke by some helpful reviews ! 

Keep the inside air ventilated

No home should be kept closed throughout the day. Doing so will not be air circulation and ventilation are not made. Meanwhile, new oxygen from outside not to be in the house, while the amount of carbon dioxide you emit nor escape. Even the commonly used product is discharged toxic substances such as radon can cause lung cancer risk. Therefore, you should open regularly to air circulation, your room will become more open. Thus, you should open the doors, windows frequently to air circulation.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming regularly is a simple way for you to remove dirt in the house. These dirt if is not removed will affect the long term on your health. Dust will also affect your breathing.

Avoid mold

Mold often appears in places like bathrooms, stairs or on wood furniture and carpet. Mold will make you allergic, itchy also. Therefore, you should keep the humidity in your home below 60 percent to prevent mold. These places often get water as the bathroom, the sink should not let stagnant water. Bathrooms should be opened regularly to be dry and clear. And the sink when there are dirty dishes should be washed immediately. Thus, you need to keep the bathroom ventilation to prevent mold all the time.


Use natural cleaners

These detergents are made from chemicals, while after using chemicals will evaporate into the air and cause harm to your body. You can use multiple materials in the house to make detergents such as vinegar, lemon, salt… You should priority use natural cleaners such as vinegar and lemon.

Air purifiers with trees

Air purifier with trees works extremely well. Leaving the green indoor plant pots will help balance the moisture in the home. In addition, it also helps filter out toxic substances such as benzene from indoor or tobacco smoke, and formaldehye in carpets.

Furniture environmentally friendly

Let’s adorn your house with ecological furniture. You can select you roof that is environmentally friendly, or use wooden floor to against the bacteria, antibacterial paint or wallpaper type harmony with nature as well as the furniture in the house.

Avoid smoking indoors

Tobacco smoke also contains large amounts of foam. Hence, there is a need of minimizing the smoking indoors in your house. So, you should pay more attention to health care as well as your house by quitting smoking.

Do not start the engine in the garage

Emissions from cars and burning fuels contain carbon monoxide. This substance can cause unconsciousness, nausea, disorientation and loss of health. So, you do not drive or motor fuel burned in the garage.

Limitations of household products containing hazardous substances

It is suggested that you should minimize the use of synthetic detergents, insecticides, disinfectants because they contain toxic chemicals which can be dangerous to the health of all family members. However, you can use the shampoo, soaps or cosmetics are natural extracts to dispel them.

Adjust the humidity and temperature

High humidity can give rise to all kinds of mold, which affects the health of family members. To control bacteria and fungi, you need to maintain an indoor temperature of about 18-22 ° C and humidity of 40-50%. You please keep the fresh air by adjusting the temperature and humidity appropriately.

Wash the utensils necessary

To prevent the proliferation of all kinds of ticks, you please wash clean pillows and bed linens frequently. Carpets, in your home, are places where hoard large amounts of dirt, so you should clean them repeatedly. Also, you can use bleach to dislodge the stain on the mattress. Washing, cleaning the whole house will help you have a sweet space.

Drying clothes under sunlight

You do not dry clothes inside your home, so you can dry your clothes outdoors to dry naturally at least one hour. The chemicals used in the dry cleaning products can affect indoor air. Clothing fragrant should be cleaned under the sunlight.

Ventilation appropriately

The best way to improve indoor air is to ventilate appropriately. Gas stoves emit nitrogen dioxide gases harmful to the atmosphere. So in cooking gas, you can open windows or ventilate the kitchen stove directly on the outside. You should avoid air in the early morning and late at night because this is the time to outside air contains many contaminants as possible.

In conclusion:

The air you breathe every day will affect the health of everyone in the family. Therefore, measures should be taken to clean the air in your home to house you become ventilated and comfortable.



Home improvement is one of the things that receive a lot of attention nowadays thank to its many benefits. However, there is a misconception still exists between home improvement enthusiasts is that home improvement projects only stop at fixing our houses.

It is completely not true. While I do agree that home improvement is mainly related to changing the look of your house to make it better, the look of the house is going to mean absolutely nothing if the house does not become a home. This is where the other side of home improvement comes in. Most of these home improvements are carried out by housewives but their effects are still apparent in many houses all over the world, which will become the topic of discussion for our articles today.

All of the home improvement projects we are going to mention here are all fun, exciting and exhilarating to do. If you are a housewife, your family is going to love what you do if you follow our guide. If you are a husband, you should study these ideas we mention in this article in order to help your wife once in a while. This will make the love of the two deeper and sweeter than it actually is.


The first thing we want to mention in our article is sewing. There are a lot of things you can do with sewing. You can patch up clothes that have holes on them and make them look like new. You can create new clothes for your family. You can make your own curtain or pillows as well if you have the materials and the tools. The benefits of knowing how to sew are so various that we cannot list them all in this article. There are two things you need to have in order to start two sew: fabric and a sewing machine, both of these can be bought at a reasonable price in a fabric shop. For fabric, you just need to choose the right fabric that you think will look beautiful for the job and buy it. Nothing needs to be considered over and over again. As for sewing machine, you need to have a good sewing machine for the job. There are a lot of types out there which can suit the need of profession sewer or beginners just like us. If you are new to the whole sewing business, it is advisable for you to find the best sewing machine for beginners in order to familiarize yourself with the task first. Other than that, you can let your imagination take you to the place where you can create anything in your head. You can also take a look at tutorial videos on the Internet which teach you how to make a lot of exciting things as well.


Another thing you can always do at home is cooking. Nothing is more beautiful and inviting as a meal to welcome your family home in the evening. And nothing is more fun than cooking itself. You can always experience with the spice and ingredients to make a new dish for everyone to enjoy. On the other hand, you can always follow instructions and recipes on TV or on the Internet to make the meal of your family diverse and various. You do not need a lot of experience with this as well. You just need to practice with the tools again and again before getting the hang of it, which is really quickly. A key to remember though is that you should leave dangerous tools such as knives out of the reach of your children and do not let them near the fire. It can be fatal to a lot of kids. Other than that, enjoy cooking to the best of your ability.

Above are two of the best activities that we think you can and should do when you have free time at home. This does not only kill time, but also make your house into a home, a place that everyone in your family wants to go back after a long day out there. Remember to have fun and enjoy what you do.


7 Taboos For The Best Living Room You Should Consider

It takes for granted that the living room is an extremely important area of the house, which is seen as the “face” of the family. Therefore, feng shui elements in the design and decorate this space needs this special attention.

If you wish to receive fortune, career advantages, avoid negativity and keep peace among members, then you definitely should avoid 7 taboos below.

Do Not Decorate The Living Room Like A Nightclub

Some people like decorating the living room design like the 5-star hotel, luxury restaurants, even more like a nightclub to express their class. For them, it’s perfect at all angles, but with feng shui, it is completely unrealistic, even useless.


This is a living room created for the attractive original look, but closely followed by a feeling of absence. Homeowners would mistake the home as the hotel, so this space should be decorated in a warm, friendly and practical as possible.

A Messy Room Is A Taboo

A living room cluttered with muddled everything, not regulated, not tidy certainly gives owners and guests a feeling of discomfort and annoyance. Living among this mess will make our thoughts slow down, preventing air transport and making everything delay.

Moreover, this environment is ideal conditions for harmful hidden microorganisms and breed development, which directly impacts on health. Remember, not just the living room, for every room in the house needs to be cleaned, airy to create the positive energy.

Do Not Install The Air Conditioning System Above The Sofa

The cold air emanating from the air conditioning system arranged just above the sofa will adversely affect those sitting below. That cold air pressure according to Feng Shui will directly affect the people, not only that, in terms of science, conditioning installation locations will easily lead to pneumonia, colds, headaches,  especially the elderly and young children. Therefore, move the sofa to another location.

Do Not Put The Horns, Head, Animal Skin Or Dried Flowers

There are many people to choose horned deer, rhino, leopard, and even the first statue, horse to decorate the living room area to express the powerful and luxurious feature.

But in reality, these types of horns, head, animal skin (if genuine) mean that they are made from dead animals to make up the sound source gas to affect your living environment. If they are false, the items such images also cause negative emotions, fear when looking at. With dried flowers too, if having the financial conditions, you should you buy fresh flowers to brighten the room.

Avoid Arranging Feng Shui Items Incorrectly

It is believed that the homeowners need to have certain knowledge or when choosing some item, they need to consult a feng shui master to place the items in the correct area. Avoid arbitrary case furnished wrongly, which will lead to the opposite effect, not only do not bring good luck, but also the bad luck will encounter.

Be Careful When Choosing Paintings

The beautiful paintings not only adorn the wall to be less monotonous but also bring the meaning for the living room feng shui. However, not every feng shui painting is always right for you.

Though the paintings of animals such as dragons, horses, tigers, eagles mean well, it could not be hung arbitrarily but must rely on correlations with age and fate of the owner.

If you want to hang feng shui paintings, you can select 1 of 4 samples, which are considered competitive in harmony with all the family.

They include painting peony (symbolizing the wealth), marine painting (Mountain represents solidity of the career and water is a source of wealth), pictures of fish (symbol of abundance) and bamboo / architecture (feels secure peace and stability for the development of the list).

Absolutely Stay Away From Sharp Objects

And last advice for you is to stay away from sharp objects decorated in the living room. Such as swords, ax by the metal material, even a model. Do not think of them looks shiny, which will make the space unique and luxurious.

The fact is that when seeing this stuff, the fear of people will increase. According to feng shui, the sharp objects carry the murderous feeling, which does not bring luck and accident-prone humans.


How To Make The Impression For The Living Room

Just make your living room become feminine and soft in the instant time by a few tips, which are simple but surprisingly effective.

Houndstooth Prints

It sounds strange, but make sure you know about them through the motifs known as aliasing or the zigzag textures. These motifs are generally called Houndstooth – derived from the woolen costumes of the Scottish from 1980.

The vignette “dizziness” will be easily embellished feminine touch to your living room . Besides the familiarly traditional black and white colors,  now you can also find a few new colors such as red – white, yellow – white to bring softness to the room.

Soft Cloth

The soft material offers significant efficacy in increasing feminine room. That’s why you should care about material such as velvet or chiffon. Material soft velvet is not only material but also a perfect choice to bring the elegance. With options for leaning pillow, rug, you have created gentle femininity and luxury for this public space.

Flowers Wall

The art wall by vivid images of flowers is a powerful weapon for every girl when designing rooms. Femininity is something that you can not deny from these walls, moreover, they also lively make living room space become a lot more eye-catching.

Own these walls, wallpaper, or large flower paintings will help you easily. Also, learn more flowers appearing on the piece of furniture is a great way to bring some femininity spread across the room.

Light And Scent

Natural light makes the room your guests become illuminated with and soothing beauty, full of femininity. However, do not forget the help of a significant item – candles.

Scented candles with different color schemes not only adorn the room, provide more light, but also create the sweet fragrance. Classic lavender scented candles are always a great choice to add a feminine touch to the room.

Gentle Colors

It would be remiss to forget the gentle colors, bold sweet feminine for the living room. Pink, mint green, yellow, cream or pastel colors are the excellent suggestion. You can use them as main colors or additional space for the living room, which is also effective enough as dreaming.

Fresh Flower

Fresh flowers are always the best friends of women. So, please do not forget to add fresh flowers inside vases living room space.

Argent Accessories

One of the other materials recommended to bring the femininity, gentleness to the room is silver. However, do not need too much. Silver material appearing accenting with picture frames, lamps, accessories, silver plated is enough to create feminine aura that pervades the whole room.

Design The Living Room According To The Asian Style

Coming with a very specific definition, Asian interior style is the totality of many cultures; which brings the balance and peace of the living space. It also explains the reason for Asian inspiration to increasingly popular in modern living room design.

The Asian style is influenced by many different cultures in the region. Each culture carries a lot of styles and character designers. So that people easily recognize Asian style when placing them inside the interior design style.

The Asian style design is characterized by its own characteristics as much open space clean, with unity and close links.

The improvisational elements or strong contrasts are incompatible with balance, serenity of Asian interior style interior room, so the guests should follow a theme, showcasing to avoid cumbersome. This is extremely important because through interior designers, people can use it to evaluate the landlord.

Furniture mainly in the design of Asians is wood, bamboo. A Chinese-style interior furnishings uses a lot more with the lines meticulously carved and elaborately.

In contrast, Japanese style emphasizes the simplicity, cleanliness, convenience of use. Moreover, the Japanese furniture is relatively low to fit the tatami mats to sit with a relaxing atmosphere, absolute comfort.

These ornaments asked in the living room space of Asians must be mentioned the Buddha, because people believe in Buddhism. Embroidered paintings, silk paintings and ink paintings can create a very specific definition for the Asian interior style. In addition, the hanging painting, ceramics, tea and flowers are the things you need to remember when you want to own a bold Asian space.


Some Impressive Ways For The Best Living Room Decoration

With the Bohemian style, this will be full of helpful hints for decorating the living room for those who are “in love” with this liberal and open-minded style. The Bohemian style is characterized by many elements such as color, texture, material and ingenious mix between them to make an impressive sight.

However, also due to the diversity, breadth inherent style, it is easy to cause you make some mistakes in design. Some suggestions below will help you to quickly decorate a living room with a charming, active style,bold of the Bohemian.

Walls Painted Watercolor

Initially, the exquisite hospitality of Bohemian style for the living space is walls painted in watercolor. With the nature of freedom and creativity of this style, you can unleash to choose any public favorite colors. However, the dark tones such as purple, blue will make an impression and more personality.

Light Space

The bright space is a very important thing when you design the interior basing on the Bohemian style. Along with a variety of textures and colors, if you can not create the bright space, it will make your space be dark, cramped, and that’s what everyone wants.

So, please pay attention to the large windows to allow natural light to enter the room easily. Also, it can be supplemented with natural wood furnishings in bright colors and materials of rattan, bamboo to increase the brightness to space as well as to elicit open-mindedness.

Material Dyed Shibori

You will not be able to ignore this fabric if desired to have full of freedom style to decorate your living room. Stained by special methods, this fabric creates spontaneous texture, which does not follow a pattern.


Do not forget to decorate your living room with carpet weaving and bold of the Bohemian style. If the Scandinavian style impresses with the natural layer of warm wood floors, the brilliant tapestry, full of life is the soul of the Bohemian style.

The Cushions

It is not natural that the rugs are paid so much attention to this style, because it is tied to a spatial elected gather low tea table on the cushion with the multi motifs.

Instead of using the couch, the Bohemian style puts the priority of using brilliant textures pads, so people can sit comfortably side by side. However, if you do not like, you can still choose the chairs, which are upholstered impressive textures for your living room space.

The Seat Pillow

It would be flawed if you forget the soft pillow inside your living room space. True to the nature of this style, you do not need to worry about the size or texture of each pillow, as long as put them together to be enough to feel the attraction of this Bohemian style.


Not only is mentioned textures, scents and colors are also the factors contributing to your own personal style. Colorful candles should be placed closely together, with shapes, different heights to create a space characterized Bohemian.

Classic Factor

It is a stylish appearing from the 19th century; many people prefer to embellish the classic elements into the design of the Bohemian style. Of course, it is not difficult. You just select the material or use dark wood motif wallpaper, antique lamps are quite  enough to have a classic style towards Bohemian in style accordingly.

Brilliant Wool Hook

A point that you can not deny that is adding space woolen Bohemian hook will make it bolder. Perhaps, just look to them as sufficient, it will cause people to associate with the carefree, relaxed, free-flying. The curtains or blinds units decorated with this material will be a great option for you.