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Why Should You Choose A Hair Clipper?

Up to the present, there has been much debate about the safe way to take care of people’s hair. A lot of people think that they earn a lot of money and they only need to come to the hair salon to have their hair dressed and cared. By contrast, some others think that they had better look after their hair in order to understand more about their hair conditions. Both ways are good.

However, due to many infectious diseases when having the hair dressed in a hair salon, more people move to buy some tools to do it at home. For this, a best hair trimmer is essential and you can visit to get more tips and tricks. In this article, I will explain why we should use this tool.

Have Healthy Hair

Firstly, you will have healthier hair with the use of a hair clipper. You know, when you hair is cut with the hair clipper, the hair will be able to grow more quickly and your hair can still keep strong and healthy.

In comparison with cutting with scissors, cutting hair with this tool is more convenient and safer. The scissors are often made of metal, mainly iron with a layer of polished materials. In fact, the scissors will be worn out and your hair will be damaged if it is cut by the scissors.

By contrast, the blade of the hair clipper is much safer. The material of the blade and comb is not metal like that of the scissors so you will be confident about the safety of this tool.

More Styles To Change

With scissors, it seems to be difficult form the hair style. However, with the hair clipper, you can follow tips to form different styles for your hair and you will be able to change the styles more quickly.

As said above, if your hair is cut by the hair clipper, your hair will grow more quickly. It means that you will need to cut your hair more often when it is longer so you will have more chances to change your hairstyles.

Save More Money And Time

Buying a hair clipper, you only need to give just $20 or some more. Nonetheless, you will have to pay more when you have your hair cut and style – formed by a hair dresser. Therefore, purchasing a hair clipper and cutting it yourselves will help you save a lot of money. You only need to spend some more money buying hair gels to shape the right form for your hair.

In addition, you can save more time when using a hair clipper. It cannot be denied that you often have to wait for the hair dressers for hours to finish cutting hair of other people. You need to wait for them to cut your hair and dress your hair. It is obvious that using a hair clipper will save more time.

Reduce The Amount Of Chemical Substances

One of the most noticeable points is that you will be able to reduce a large amount of chemicals on your hair if you use the hair clipper. The hair will be destroyed if it absorbs too much chemical substances.

Usually, when you come to the hair salon, the hair dressers will use lots of chemicals to make your hair polished, soft/ hard (depending on the styles) and force your hair be in the right shapes. This makes your hair destroyed more quickly.

If you want to keep our hair healthy, you had better reduce the amount of chemicals and you can use the hair clipper to cut, trim and form your hairstyle. I think that you will also have attractive hair styles with this tool.

In addition to some reasons above, you will be able to understand your hair characteristics. From this, you will know how to take care of your hair daily. This is also one point you should take notice of.

Bottom Line

These are some reasons that you should use the hair clipper. I hope that you will understand more about this product. Please contact us anytime and you will surely receive more valuable tips about choosing and using a hair clipper.


Things You Need To Know When Choosing The Hair Clipper

On the market today, there are so many different brands with hundreds of diverse hair clipper designs. So, when choosing to buy hair clippers for barber or individual, they all have their own priorities. The best kind of hair clipper depends on many factors such as personal needs, product features and of course the price of the product. For the short hair, you may need the best shampoo for hair growth, but for the long hair, the clipper is essential thing. Let’s look at some information suggests about choosing appropriate products in the following article.

The Factors Affecting The Purchase Of Hair Clipper

The first factor to consider is identifying you major needs and uses. You will never know how to buy hair clippers with the best kind without determining the needs as well as the main purpose. Even if your need is only used in family, choosing hair clippers to cut the hair of adults and older children is also very different.

With the use of wired clipper for the barber, the large operating capacity may be a better choice because they need products that allow them to cut many different hair types, from soft to hard, from trick sparse to dense, from the elderly to children. If you are using for personal purposes, the selection of a wireless product is always a better option. Therefore, always identify your needs accurately before other factors.

The Advantage Of Some Type Of Hair Clipper

Advantages Of Wired Hair Clipper

First, the electric trimmer, also known as wired clipper, is a product using direct current electricity to provide power to the engine (usually power 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz). This type of motor is often used with larger capacity (18 – 22W) compared to wireless clipper or rechargeable battery, so, you can easily handle all hair types, of lengths or the softness. You also do not have to worry about running out of power when used, do not need to worry about charging the battery before use.

The Downside Of Wired Products

However, the kinds of wired clipper may have larger sound than the type of battery used. The sound from wired clipper can result in children being startled, frightened and refused to sit idly inside the barber. This is also the reason why it is better not to use electricity directly to cut children’s hair. Besides, the direct electric clippers are often less flexible when used for heavy and limited by the length of the wire. You may feel very tired hand if not getting acquaintance, also, it is likely to encounter twisted wires together condition when used.

The Engine Of The Product

If you are a hairstylist, barber, please keep in mind that you need a powerful trimmer, which allows you to solve many different types of hair despite being hard and difficult to cut up. But if you only use for personal purposes, then this is not the important factor. Whatever the case is, when buying a product, you also need to know the product that uses any type and capacity of the.

Maintenance Capabilities And Associated Equipment

Using the product for a long time requires that we must have a way of maintaining them properly. However, each series has a maintenance and various hygiene. When buying a certain product, please check carefully whether it has the using tutorial or not. When fully used motor oil, you can buy oil for maintenance of sewing machines to ensure products always operate in a stable manner.

The Design Of The Product

The design of the product is important, a well-designed trimmer will help us to be able to use the flexibility and simplicity. Or observe placement of control buttons, the light switches, whether they are logically arranged and easy to adjust when you use or not.

Or get the reference level in terms of parameters on the size, length, width and weight whether it is too big or too small for your hand or not. If the design is too big, too small or too heavy, it will make you feel uncomfortable when using the hand fatigue. If you buy directly in the store, handle and try to see if you feel comfortable or not.