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There is an ongoing debate if we truly need strollers why don’t we just ditch them and wear our babies instead. You can prefer using pram or carrier for your children but the benefits of using strollers are undeniable. Strollers are available in many types to satisfy your need: a best umbrella stroller when you need to commune or travel with your kid often, a convenient  double stroller or triple stroller when you have more than one child or a sturdy jogging stroller to combine exercise and taking care of your child. Here we will list the main benefits of strollers and introduce various popular types of stroller at the same time.

They are convenient to use and carry your baby around

Carrying your baby all the time on your arm is not an easy task and you need to take care of other stuff as well. Even when you put your baby in an infant car seat, your arm needs to carry a heavy weight. You can use a carrier to take the baby close to you every time you need to move around but doesn’t it make you feel tired after a while too? So instead of carrying your kid, push him in a stroller instead. It takes less of efforts to push the stroller than carry your baby and the baby can still sleep soundly while you run errands.

Don’t worry about heavy strollers. There are lightweight or umbrella strollers that offer you maximum convenience for traveling. They can easily be folded into a compact shape. Since they normally weight less than 15 pounds, you can carry them around everywhere you want and even fit them into the boot of your car.

If you are afraid that your kid will wake up when you put him or her in a car seat, there is a particular type that can solve your concern: a stroller frame or to be more exact in this case, a car seat frame stroller. You don’t even have to lower the car seat. With the kid facing you directly in the seat, you can watch over them easily.

They provide extra storage

Strollers don’t just free your hands. They provide storage when you go out with your dear baby. Even the basic lightweight type – umbrella stroller – can have some little space for towels or can let you hang the diaper bag.

The standard stroller is the one that offers you most storage among stroller types.  Instead of carrying a bag full of diapers or milk bottles, you can find the place to hold them in this type of stroller. They can hold baby necessities, trays, cups and even your shopping bag. So, you are free to do some light shopping for groceries or even pick up your laundry while pushing your stroller: it is very convenient.

They help you exercise and enjoy fresh air

Many people are concerned about getting back into shape after they have children. One effective way of getting rid of baby fat and staying fit is using a jogging stroller. Take note, however, that you should only use this type of stroller then the baby is over 5-6 months because that is when the neck muscle strong enough to withstand the bump.

The benefit of jogging is undeniable: it gets your heart rate going and lets you have the chance to breathe in and out fresh air. Being out with fresh air is good for your mental health: it helps ease your daily stress away.

While you can run with other types of strollers, it is much safer to use a jogging stroller for that purpose. Since it is designed especially to accommodate running, its structure is different from other types with effective suspension systems, sturdy tires and frame. A jogging stroller can be quite a multipurpose item: it can come with many added features and storage.

They let you take care of more than one kid

Carrying one baby is fine but when you have to carry two or three babies, that is definitely an issue.  But with a double stroller or triple stroller, you can solve the problem easily.

As you can see, a stroller is very convenient to use. Make sure you buy a safe and sturdy one for your kids and maintain interaction with them often rather than let them sit in the stroller all day.