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Top 10 Brands About Baby Product For The Best Development

It takes for granted that choosing safe toys in general and the best back and play for the baby in particular are a large problem for parents, who are always interested because the low-quality infant toys may increase the risk of accidents. Therefore, be interested in what your child plays to grow well and do not forget the safe choice of good quality baby product for your baby.

Toys Brand Fisher Price

This is a safe baby toy, which is famous all over the world with the life history since 1930 and gradually asserted its position and obtained the trust of consumers. The manufacturer Fisher Price toys origins from the United States, a national of the standards, the inspection of stringent toy, which brings the confidence to the consumer. The Fisher-Price brand dominates the market for over 60 years and specializes in producing educational toys for infants and preschool children, with high quality and durability of the product, safety and protection of the child development that parents should choose.

Little Tikes Toys

Little Tikes are trademarks of MGA Entertainment, the United States with a lot of funny game products as well as unique for children. At the same time, this is a brand to have many contributions to make up the toys brain development, improve children’s thinking, besides, it is made of durable plastic and non-toxic to be widely distributed in many countries around the world.

The Mattel Brand

Experience in toy manufacturing industry from 1945 with wooden items and toys. The brand has scored some success with many products and factories in China to ensure strict quality with high safety standards as ASTM (USA), CE (Europe), EN71 (Europe).

Summer Infant Brand

This is a children’s toy brand well- known for many fine products, which are intelligently designed to meet the needs, interests and diversity of children. It also helps mothers care for infant development with the best result. Before production and consumption on the market, these products must be assessed practically on the market, so the baby product can meet the needs of consumers, which is close to reality.

Toys Lego

Danish is birth National of Lego with strong growth in the industry and head of intellectual toys, exclusive meet and creates a space for your child to play unlimited creativity. With assembly kits, puzzles from blocks with safety plastic materials and design, children can play relentless and creative with a good intelligence.

Educational Toys Brand Fischertechnik

The sector of educational toys is indispensable for Fischertechnik (Germany). The Characteristics of the product is that the toys can help the children to train, develop hand-eye coordination, enhance creativity and spatial imagination, logical thinking ability, and understanding the basics of the hearing skill. Fischertechnik products will ensure the stringent quality standards (LGA QualiTest GmbH, DIN ISO) and has been awarded the famous “Golden Rocking Horse”, “Top 10 Toys”.

Brand Intex

The main function is to produce products such as sofa steam, air mattress, pillow, little chairs, inflatable boat, inflatable baby pool, pool floats, shirt flow, back and play and some other accessories. Intex brand (USA) is now very popular in the world, which meets the needs to use, fun and ensure the baby’s safety and convenience when using in the families.

Brand Kolcraft

If you are looking to buy good products like baby stroller, crib automatically with good quality and guaranteed quality standards, infant safety, do not ignore the brand Kolcraft with creativity to bring the best products for baby.

Brand Baby Toys Cosco

For the products such as stroller, car seat, dining chair set in the US, you need to mention the Cosco brand. With old history (1935), Cosco products are advised to use for the baby thanks to its security and high convenience. This is also the brand voted and trusted the infant car seat with high quality and safety features.

Trademarks Winwintoys

This brand specializes in manufacturing kitchen items, household goods and toys wooden, which has been operating basing on the quality certified ISO 9001: 2000. This is also the brand presenting in over 50 countries and ensure strict standards of the demanding markets such as Japan, Korea, Europe, the United States.