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Some Things You Need To Know When Consider The Living Room

There also exists some intolerance while decorating the living rooms that homeowners need to know to avoid committing because it would break the loss of space and warm atmosphere of the room. This article will list some notes that individuals must stay away.

The Sharp Objects

This is considered the taboos when decorating the living room, because it demonstrates the danger and violence of the home. Accordingly, do not hang on the wall or decorative objects with sharp ends such as swords, knives, horned animals.

With the living room of this mistake, the owner and the whole members in the family are more likely to dissent and be arising out of acts of violence.

Therefore, in their homes, it should not be decorated or hung on the wall with sharp objects such as swords, knives, horned animals. Also, when choosing living room furniture, the users should also note that even if a lamp is not an exception.

The Violent Picture

The painting scenes of violence such as killing, fighting or pictures of wild animals such as lions, tigers, leopards, the total is also a taboo when decorating your  rooms because it expresses the authority, violence and losing the power and warm atmosphere of the room.

Ideally, in the living room, the users can choose the most meaningful picture of full-fed life natural beauty and greenery or birds.

The Living Room Should Not Be Dark

The most important point in the living room decoration is enough light to create the atmosphere and the environment of well psychological and physiological, people will load prosperous healthy nails.

So, for the apartment on the balcony, people should not put too much flowerpot scene, avoid blocking the light. Also note, the living room wall should be also chosen a bright color. Guestrooms with much light can make the human spirit in comfort, prosperity.

There Should Be No Bar To Run Through And Too Many Angles

If ceilings have the bar, it will feel suppressed, separated members in the family. The solution for the home is to use dual ceiling or use flattening plaster ceiling to both decorate and reach the criteria of feng shui.

The living room of non-square, not spontaneity will not be beneficial to the development. It should be remedied by decorative measures, including using the lights to reduce the feeling above.

The Living Room Floor Should Not Be Undulating

The floor of living room should be flat, not have too many stairs or undulating. There are several rooms designed to use low-floor section, according to feng shui, this layout makes the homeowners face many troubles. Also, it needs to restrict the use of 3D design floor tiles as it will create the unsafe feeling.

The Ceiling Is Too Low

The low ceiling of the living room will create a pressure, according to feng shui concepts, people in that room would not relaxed and not having much luck. So, when designing the ceiling of the living room, the users should abandon the cumbersome decoration to make low ceilings, creating the living room feeling as high as possible.

Arbitrary Decoration

Arbitrary is a taboo when decorating rooms, which should be avoided. A living room with too much furniture, too many pictures will make living room space be broken. Similarly, useless items will reduce the aesthetic value of the living space of a house. Therefore, they should have a clear idea before planning to decorate the living room, do not turn the living room into a closet or warehouse.


Some Impressive Ways For The Best Living Room Decoration

With the Bohemian style, this will be full of helpful hints for decorating the living room for those who are “in love” with this liberal and open-minded style. The Bohemian style is characterized by many elements such as color, texture, material and ingenious mix between them to make an impressive sight.

However, also due to the diversity, breadth inherent style, it is easy to cause you make some mistakes in design. Some suggestions below will help you to quickly decorate a living room with a charming, active style,bold of the Bohemian.

Walls Painted Watercolor

Initially, the exquisite hospitality of Bohemian style for the living space is walls painted in watercolor. With the nature of freedom and creativity of this style, you can unleash to choose any public favorite colors. However, the dark tones such as purple, blue will make an impression and more personality.

Light Space

The bright space is a very important thing when you design the interior basing on the Bohemian style. Along with a variety of textures and colors, if you can not create the bright space, it will make your space be dark, cramped, and that’s what everyone wants.

So, please pay attention to the large windows to allow natural light to enter the room easily. Also, it can be supplemented with natural wood furnishings in bright colors and materials of rattan, bamboo to increase the brightness to space as well as to elicit open-mindedness.

Material Dyed Shibori

You will not be able to ignore this fabric if desired to have full of freedom style to decorate your living room. Stained by special methods, this fabric creates spontaneous texture, which does not follow a pattern.


Do not forget to decorate your living room with carpet weaving and bold of the Bohemian style. If the Scandinavian style impresses with the natural layer of warm wood floors, the brilliant tapestry, full of life is the soul of the Bohemian style.

The Cushions

It is not natural that the rugs are paid so much attention to this style, because it is tied to a spatial elected gather low tea table on the cushion with the multi motifs.

Instead of using the couch, the Bohemian style puts the priority of using brilliant textures pads, so people can sit comfortably side by side. However, if you do not like, you can still choose the chairs, which are upholstered impressive textures for your living room space.

The Seat Pillow

It would be flawed if you forget the soft pillow inside your living room space. True to the nature of this style, you do not need to worry about the size or texture of each pillow, as long as put them together to be enough to feel the attraction of this Bohemian style.


Not only is mentioned textures, scents and colors are also the factors contributing to your own personal style. Colorful candles should be placed closely together, with shapes, different heights to create a space characterized Bohemian.

Classic Factor

It is a stylish appearing from the 19th century; many people prefer to embellish the classic elements into the design of the Bohemian style. Of course, it is not difficult. You just select the material or use dark wood motif wallpaper, antique lamps are quite  enough to have a classic style towards Bohemian in style accordingly.

Brilliant Wool Hook

A point that you can not deny that is adding space woolen Bohemian hook will make it bolder. Perhaps, just look to them as sufficient, it will cause people to associate with the carefree, relaxed, free-flying. The curtains or blinds units decorated with this material will be a great option for you.


How To Purchase The Sofa Material For Your House

The bedroom space with a focus on a bed will have the main function of helping you sleep deeply and wake up with the spirit of healthy energetic to be ready to welcome the new day. The kitchen space has a focus on cabinet form with beautiful design and convenient layout to cook.

The focal point of the living room, of course, will be the furniture, where we gather every day and continue to play with the house’ guests. The guestrooms exude the personality and the interest of the landlord or not are partially determine by the chair. Beautiful tea table, clean and fragrant cups are things that make up the unique atmosphere of the living room for the family.

There is no doubt that the selection of sofa for your space is what makes you always wondering and confused. There are those who choose the classic sofa with favorable wood , timber monitoring, and have selected the sofa for your family, build buzz for space with sofa sets with many different beauties.

When they are wooden sofa with virile from wooden blocks, softness from the sofa, when it is full of ladylike leather sofa, when the sofa is felt with modern youthful color. With whatever style, please choose them suitable for space.

Wood Sofa Suitable For All Weather

The wooden sofa is easy to be harmoniously combined in any space. Warm when the winter comes, and cool air in the summer heat. They are great advantages that the wood sofa gives you. This is also a unique innovation of this product created.

Not merely a wooden sofa anymore or not the leather sofa or sofa felt, which is more beautiful from the same material, but now they have been blended together to create a unique space in your home.

And with this combination, our wood sofa will pretty easygoing nice to be able to fit in a traditional space, and also adjust to be felt to turn itself with the quality of modern apartment in the current space.

Leather Sofa Creates The Luxury Class

It takes for granted that the leather sofa always creates the luxurious class for the living room trendy. It is designed with many seductive curves. And you will have more choices with new leather sofa, sofa sets that are imported or domestic production with imports of leather.

It is not merely a leather sofa anymore, the designs have ultra fancy style, which can make anyone happy. When is the sofa with black powerful nobles, the style exudes absolute luxury. Sometimes, the sofa is soft with curved shape to reach your desire.

Velveteen Sofa With Fresh Breeze For Space

Velveteen sofa improvisation with mixing colors will make you feel cheerful immediately. In contrast with the plush leather sofa, the Velveteen sofa is selected because it is fairly easy to calculate with today’s youth. The material and color are completely changed easily according to the wishes of the user.

In lovely apartment, you refresh your space with colored sofa set, as it may be white or green, while the red-hot and they can be combined together to create brightly great for sofa in your room. This is a strange wind that the Velveteen sofa blows to your modern space. And you get creative with it winds to form the cool in your house.

That’s the great thing that the sofa gives your home space. With such diversity, you will find yourself satisfied sofa easily. And all creation will be the maximum stimulation as you always think of your wishes wherever. Wish you will create a difference in your living room space.